Jameykay, an Asheville, North Carolina native, has had a lifetime of chasing after the dream of being a fine artist. Her artistic endeavors throughout her life brought her to her true passion: photography. One constant in her life has always been a camera in hand observing life through the viewfinder. Her life events and pursuit of an art form where could express herself and show the world through her eyes lead her to major in technical photography, graduating at the top of her class in 2010. She graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor's in Science for Technical Photography. Her other passions include: science, fashion, vintage clothing and thrifting, loud music, and rescue animals.

Arlie, also a North Carolina native, has creativity running natrual and rich in his veins. The first love in his life was music and he began playing drums at a very early age. He wasn’t challenged nearly as much as he should have been for how passionate and driven he is. Arlie always knew that he could do better, be better, and wanted to help others be their best. He brings his desire for always pushing himself and learning to the table at every wedding, not dulling down his enthusiasm and excitement to serve others on one of the most special days in people's lives. Arlie's abilities with a camera came naturally as he learned under Jameykay, and he discovered a passion for photography that he never knew could exist.

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Jameykay and Arlie are now entering their eighth consecutive year of shooting weddings professionally and serving incredible and unique couples madly in love in Asheville and Western North Carolina. They are a dynamic duo of weirdos who seek other creative, extraordinary, and entrusting couples who can see themselves in their photographs. Influenced by the ordinary-- pushing themselves to be anything but. Their photography work stands apart from the rest with their romantic, dark, moody, and candid imagery. Jameykay and Arlie are easy to work with, tender in their approach, collaborative partners, and they bring a sense of calm and ease in what can be an overwhelming experience.